Friday, March 22, 2019

Polygons and Quadrilaterals and Cubes oh my!

Students have been working hard all week learning how to
recognize and draw shapes according to their attributes.  We started
off with students working in groups to explore how they can sort a bunch
of shapes into categories.

After some time, we discussed our findings. We built a classroom
anchor chart with things we noticed about the different shapes. While
guiding them through, we discovered polygons and non polygons.
Now that the students had mathematical language to describe
polygons (closed, flat and straight sides) they went back to their
table teams to sort the shapes.

The next day, after a quick review, students received a card with a shape
for a quiz quiz trade. They had to state if the card was a polygon or
non polygon and why.  

It was then time for a mini lesson where students identified triangles, quadrilaterals,
pentagons, hexagons, and octagons. We noticed that shapes have the same
number of sides and angles! It was fun seeing the different ways we can draw
shapes even though they drew a shape with the same number of sides and angles.

Next we took a deeper dive into quadrilaterals. We learned the attributes of
a square, rectangle, trapezoid and parallelogram! We had some great
discussions realizing that a square is a rectangle, however a rectangle is not a square!   

It was time to relate a square to a cube! We saw how we could build a 3D
shape using squares. Students were mixed together by finding a partner
with the same shape they were given. They were given toothpicks and
some modeling clay to create a cube. After they figured out to construct
the cube, they saw how the cube had 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices!

Lastly, students were then able to give their partner a shape and
they figured out how to build that shape using the toothpicks and clay.

Who knew that learning about the attributes of shapes could be so much fun!

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