Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cereal Box Book Reports

The cereal box book report was a fun and creative project. We had to pick a chapter book that we had read recently and create our own cereal that had something to do with the book you chose. I chose Lemon O’s because it has something to do with the title of the book, Escape From Mr.Lemoncello’s Library, and because I thought it was unique.
There were many other requirements for this project besides the name of the cereal. On the left side of the cereal box we had to write a summary of the book to make readers want to buy our cereal. I enjoyed writing a summary of my book because it helped me to think about the best, most exciting parts of the book. Next, we needed to include the ingredients of our new cereal which were the characters and the setting of the story. Some characters in my book included Kyle, Akimi, Mr.Lemoncello, and Charles and the story mostly took place in the new Alexandriaville library that Mr. Lemoncello designed. Finally on the back, I did a crossword puzzle and I put the names of the characters such as Kyle, Akimi, Mr.Lemoncello, and Charles in it.
The cereal box book report was a great way to make our class really think about a book and its story elements and it let us be creative!  

By: Analiese
Here's my finished product!

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