Thursday, March 21, 2019

The American Revolution

During reading, fourth grade has been learning how to read history as part of our nonfiction unit. Our whole unit has been focused on the American Revolution, from the events that led to the beginning of the revolution to how the revolution ended. Students have been working in research partnerships and in larger groups. Each partnership was responsible for researching two different subtopics, one before 1775 and one after 1775.

Throughout the unit we talked extensively about looking at history from different perspectives. We focused primarily on the point of view of the patriots versus the point of view of the loyalists. Many partnerships decided to look at their events from these two sides.

Students have now taken all that they have learned and prepared a Google Slides presentation that they will share with the third graders tomorrow. We discussed what kind of information belongs on a slide and how we never want to overwhelm our learners with just words. Throughout the unit students have been very attentive and focused on their audience. They can’t wait to share all of their knowledge tomorrow!   

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