Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Once Upon a Time....

Once upon a time in first grade..... we decided to make a tear art flower project to discuss the parts of a plant.

Then we decided to actually plant a real seed.
We discussed all of the things a plant would need to grow: sunlight, dirt, and water.  Each child got their own plant to nurture and keep a daily growing journal.

During our planting session, one of the firsties asked "Does the plant need water or could it be another liquid?"  Hmmm, a really good question sparked another experiment.  We decided to plant seeds in a plastic glove and add different liquids to see what would happen.  We used juice, coffee (not mine, my teacher partner donated her coffee.  I couldn't spare a drop even in the name of science--sorry!), and soda.  We hung the glove on the window so it could get sunlight.  The children were able to watch what happens to the seed.  I would change this experiment next time by adding the different liquids to a pot with soil...but  the children were owning this experiment.
  The liquid glove experiment will come down after a discussion about the seeds and how we could have made changes to the experiment.

The potted seeds will go home to be given to someone special on Mother's Day.
And we all will live happily ever after...

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