Monday, May 15, 2017

Baseball season's underway...

I love ending the year with my baseball/softball/kickball unit!  The weather is (usually) fantastic and P.E. is even better outside than it is in the gym!  Plus, the excitement of a new baseball season is always thrilling.  Especially after a great 2016 MLB season... 😊

All of our games and activities we do during this unit are to improve on our batting skills, overhand throwing, and knowledge of the game.  The batting and throwing are the most important at the primary level.  Practice, practice, practice those fundamental skills!  Then, at the intermediate levels, we can play more modified games, while we spend time reinforcing the rules of baseball.

As I have said in the past, teaching "sport life-skills" is very important to me.  I want my students to be well-informed fans and have some knowledge of the game.  Even if you don't play sports now or in the future; chances are you will attend a game at least once game in your life.  Or people in your work place will be talking about baseball.  It is an easy way to join in on a conversation and feel part of the "team."  Sports are all around us.  You do not have to be a super-star to know about baseball, but you can have knowledge of the game to help build relationships in your life.
So get out there this summer - go to a game, play in the backyard or the park, and just have fun playing baseball as a family!

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