Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Geometry is Everywhere!

Fourth grade recently began a new math unit on geometry. We started this unit by learning about the different types of angles and lines through a variety of activities including a partner angle sort, a line match, numerous rounds of Quiz, Quiz, Trade, and kinetic movements. We then looked to the real world for examples. Students looked for the different types of angles and lines here in the classroom and then out on the playground. Students found some pretty creative places where they saw these geometric attributes, including an obtuse angle in the bars area on the playground.

At this point, students had a good handle on the meaning on these new geometry terms. So, we took it one step further by looking for these new mathematical terms in our names! Each student had their name printed in all capital letter and needed to look for all the different attributes in their name. For some of my students with longer names, this was quite the challenge. However, I was blown away with how many geometric attributes they were able to find. Students didn't stop after finding just one feature per letter! It was awesome to watch my students discover what attributes were in their own name and in their classmates’ names.

This was a great launch for students into the next part of our unit, which focuses on sorting polygons by their different attributes.        

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