Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Making a Difference

Throughout our country’s history there are people who have made a difference and are noteworthy of being studied. This past month, as second graders have explored informational reading and writing, we have been reintroduced to biographies. Luckily for us, the LRC has quite a collection of biographies appropriate for second grade readers and learners. On one recent visit to the LRC, students were able to select a biography at their reading level to learn more about a person who has been influential in America. This person may not have been born here, but is someone who has contributed to our country in some way. The students chose patriots and statesmen, singers and songwriters, actors and actresses, writers and illustrators, Native Americans and explorers, and basically whomever they wanted to study.

On a separate occasion we worked with Mrs. Sayre, our LRC director, to research our person using Google Docs and the research tool Explore. Students were then able to record information about their person to later report back to the class. Most of the students chose to tell about their person, and some even researched at home on their own and presented pictures or posters of their work.

Finally, we gathered in the LRC to use the little stage and present our findings. The children love using the little stage, and are becoming more confident in their ability to present to a large group. These communication skills will help them as they progress through their education and become influential citizens themselves.

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