Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kindergarten Lunch Experience

We try to help the kindergartners get as ready as possible for the next school year.  Yes, that includes practicing how to eat lunch at school.  The first day of school in every grade can be overwhelming especially first grade because it is the first time they will be at school ALL DAY LONG!  On day one, they will conquer all the fun new activities first grade brings.  When they are fully exhausted after a long morning, they hear that it is lunch time.  YAY!  They are so excited until they realize they have no idea how that works!  How do I get my hot lunch? Where is my lunch card? Where can I sit? Are there special rules?  What if I need help opening my milk?

At the end of every year in kindergarten, we set up a "Kindergarten Lunch Experience" to answer all these questions.  Kindergartners can bring a lunch or order a hot lunch.  We walk down to the lunchroom (we get the whole place to ourselves!) and meet the friendly faces, learn the rules, and eat our lunch.  We had so much fun today at our "lunch experiment" as the kindergartners called it.  We learned how to sit 4 to a bench, find our lunch card, get a tray, ask for help with our lunch, and clean up.  We even got to line up and go outside for a short recess after lunch.  The kindergartners are feeling so much more prepared for first grade!

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