Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Four Corners!

I love using the four corner strategy in the classroom! This strategy can be used either  as an anticipatory or a culminating activity. This strategy ensures 100% participation and learning through movement and discussions.  When using this method students feel empowered by giving the chance to choose and have ownership of their ideas. They are exposed to different views through discussions where they can change their thinking.

How it works:
  After learning about point of view it was time to see if students were able to determine what point of view a passage was written from.

  1. In each of the corners of the room there was a sign for either 1st person, 2nd person, 3rd person limited or 3rd person omniscient. (so quick and easy!)

    2. I read a short passage out loud to students 2-3 times. During the first reading students just
        listened to gather their thoughts. During the second reading they had to write down their
        thoughts. I always have them write down their answers. This way they can’t just go to        
where their friends are! They also have to explain why and provide evidence to support their

    3. After giving students time to form their answers, it is time to move as a class to the corner.
        Once they reached their corner, students discussed why they selected the corner they did.


  4. Students then had to provide an argument to try to persuade others to join their corner. I
       would randomly call on a student from each corner to provide evidence and support. Each
       student has to listen carefully to decide if they should stay or go to a new corner. However, if
       they decide to change they must give a reason why.

     5. At the end, we would have a class discussion and find out which corner was the right
        answer. Sometimes students made a good move while other times they should of stay
        where they were!


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