Monday, May 22, 2017

Nonstandard Measurement

It is hard to believe that we have found ourselves in the 4th quarter of our school year. This time is always a great opportunity for teachers and students to reflect on the past school year. As I think back to my students walking in on the first day of school, I am so proud of each of them today! We have all grown so much and learned so many things!

Now we are in the middle of our final math unit. This unit is on nonstandard measurement. What a great way to end the year in math. We are really enjoying the fun and creativity that can come with measuring objects in our classroom!    
                               Check us out, hard at work!

Here we are measuring yarn. We made predictions on the length of each piece of yarn prior to measuring. If the yarn was coiled, would it be longer or shorter than a straight line of yarn? We tested these predictions are recorded our results.

Then we decided to take math into a team building activity! We used our own shoes to try and make the tallest tower! Once our tower was ready, we measured it with unifix cubes. Who knew shoes and math went together!?

 Now that we have seen how math is all around us, we can use these ideas to measure other objects and keep thinking mathematically as we make and change our predictions!

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