Monday, April 3, 2017

Find Someone Who. . .

After a week off of school, one of two things usually happens on the first day back, either students are chatting like crazy or they are barely awake. I saw a little bit of both this morning. I overheard some conversations about spring break and many students complaining about being so tired this morning. So what did I do? I got my students up, moving, and talking.
We started out the morning by doing a class building activity called “Find Someone Who.” For this activity students have a grid of squares with different activities and need to find a classmate who did each of those things over spring break. Students had to move around the room finding different partners and seeing if that partner could fill in one of their squares. Students used the activity in the square to start a conversation with their partner and learn more about what their partner did over spring break. Some students even found out they did the same thing as their partner, like seeing the new Power Rangers movie. A few students were a little slow moving at first, but after a couple partners they were much livelier. As the activity progressed, the volume in the classroom got louder and louder. Students were finally waking up and wanting to talk to each about their spring break.   

Coming back from a long break can be difficult for students, but getting up, moving, and talking this morning was a great way to start our day. 

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