Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Feeling the Love

Who doesn’t love a compliment? Everyone could use a compliment once in awhile and yesterday each of my students received 26! Especially at this time of year when there is still a bit of winter ahead, everyone could use a little pick me up. Students began this activity by brainstorming a list of compliments they could give someone. We really focused on compliments relating to someone’s personality and not so much on physical appearance. We talked a lot about not just complimenting someone on their shirt, but talking about a quality that they posses. Students came up with ideas such as friendly, funny, helpful, and understanding.

Next we sat down in a circle and students passed around papers with each of their names on it. Students wrote a compliment on each paper that was put in front of them. By the end, each student had a list of 26 compliments. Seeing the looks on my students’ faces when they read what their classmates had written about them was amazing.

Students then took this list and turned it into heart-shaped word art to display in the classroom. Students were able to pick words off their list of compliments to add to their word art.

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