Thursday, February 16, 2017

Place Value Boot Camp

“I don’t know, but I’ve been told….” You might be familiar with this military call back from movies but we are using it in first grade to help us remember how to count our tens and ones digits for our place value unit.

 The idea came from on Youtube.

Before we even introduced tens and ones, we let the children take buckets of manipulatives and sort them into groups of tens and label with a sticky note. Any leftovers, ( ones) were left in the bucket.  As tables we counted how many group of 10’s we had.  Then we counted up all of the tables—we ended up with a number in the 100’s—which I wasn’t quite ready to teach but gave a quick mini lesson on 3 digit numbers anyway!
Then we got into our boot camp.  After hearing the song from Youtube, we then put into practice having the tens be tall and the ones stay small. “ First we count up all the tens, then the little ones at the end.” By doing that demonstration several times, we had a better understanding of place value—and are pretty good at singing that little ditty!

But wait, there is more… We wanted to extend the place value lesson and have the students design place value creations using place value blocks out of paper.  We are amazed at the results!

Our students have graduated from place value bootcamp... on the the next challenge!

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