Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Winter Weather and Recess

Recess is a big part of the day for our students.  Students need a break from the rigorous academic day.  There is a lot of research that says students needs a period of unstructured physical activity and play.  At Goodrich we really try ensure students get this time by getting outside as often as possible. Last week we had three days of indoor recess and you can tell by the end of those three days students are ready to almost explode.

Winter recess brings many opportunity to for students to play in the snow.  While playing in the snow it is always fun to see the different interactions students have.  We have students sledding down the hill by the building, playing snow basketball and soccer, making big snowballs/snowmen and making snowangels.  All of these activities encourage students to interact with each other.  Please remember to send your children to school with the appropriate clothing for outdoor recess.  Without the appropriate clothing students are not allowed to partake in outdoor recess.  

Image result for kids making snow angels

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