Tuesday, January 10, 2017

First Grade to the Rescue!

We ended 2016 with a unit on volunteers at a rescue shelter.  We learned that volunteers give their time to help dogs at the shelter until they are adopted.  They walk the dogs, give them baths, and make sure they have food and water.  This was absolutely amazing as we are the Puppy Pound and we care about dogs (as well as all animals).

The children were so excited about life in the animal shelter that I knew we needed to do something.  We couldn’t adopt a dog so there had to be something that our class could do.

I got in touch with the Grahamville Rescue and  Sanctuary , a local shelter, and asked what could first graders do to help out?  We  found out that the shelter really needs dog toys for the dogs that are getting transported to the shelter, toys for the ones that are adopted to their new families and toys to the ones that may not get adopted.  The dogs don’t really have anything to call their own so a toy would be very special.  Another item that would be appreciated was treats that they could give the families that adopt.  The shelter was also in  need of blankets to put in cages and for drying off the dogs once they were given a bath.

First grade did not disappoint! We sent a letter home explaining to our parents that we would be
taking donations for this cause. We ended up with 3 boxes of goodies for the shelter!

As a bonus, we were able to have a volunteer from the Grahamville Shelter come in to talk to  us about  the process of bringing a dog into the shelter and what it takes to get it adopted.  She was able to bring in her dog Riley, whom she rescued...he was very happy to be adopted and very happy to spend time with us!  The children enjoyed hearing about what volunteers do and how they can help animals in need.

By doing this, you never know, we may have one “rescuer” in this bunch!

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  1. Perfect experience for the Puppy Pound! Great idea, Brenda and Sarah! I'm sure all of the dogs in the shelter appreciated the extra toys are treats. The children will remember this for many years to come.