Thursday, January 12, 2017

Location, Location, Location!

Goodrich, like many elementary schools across the nation have a gym that is not just a gym.  It is also the lunch room and the auditorium.  Many schools just refer to this giant space as the “Multi-Purpose Room.” No matter what you call it, it is “home” for me and my students.

With that being said, sometimes I lose my number one teaching space.  There are many different things that go on in the school where multiple classes come together and need a larger space.  So, in the words of Tim Gunn, we “make it work!”  When the weather is nice during the fall and spring, we try to go outside every day!  Then if the gym needs to be used, it’s no problem, but during the winter months I often have to get creative.  This year we have an open classroom, which is practically empty, so it has worked great!  We do cup stacking, dance, yoga, minute to win it/classroom Olympic type games, and even some health lessons.  I have always been a flexible person, so moving out of the gym here and there, is fine!  It gives the students an opportunity to learn how to deal with change and to be flexible.  Sometimes change is good and it nice to do something different, or out of the ordinary.  No matter where we are having P.E. - we are moving and learning!

These are the many spaces of P.E. – outside, gym, currently used classrooms, and if I’m lucky, an empty classroom.  I haven’t had to teach in the hallway yet, and I’m sure I could meet the challenge… but let’s not get to crazy! 


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