Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Empowering Students through Student-Led Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences are a time when parents can get formal updates on their child’s progress. In 6th grade, our conferences look very different from the traditional Parent-Teacher Conference in which the teacher does most of the talking and the parent does the listening. The role of the teacher in a Student-Led Conference is one of coach, mentor, and advocate. Student and teacher work together to prepare for the conference that the student runs. They are coached, critiqued, and evaluated in order to have them ready to present. In other words…the students are running the show!

So why do we have the students conduct their own conference? We believe the traditional Parent-Teacher Conference does not really give parents the whole picture of their child. The child can give a better idea to the parent of where they really are academically. Their job is to report on their academic progress, articulate their goals for the next quarter, report on assessment data, and share examples of their work. Student-Led Conferences put the responsibility for reporting learning where it needs to be…with the student.

We are excited about the learning that is happening at Goodrich School. We are excited about this journey of self-reporting and empowerment for our students. We believe this opportunity of ownership will help them as they continue their academic career.

Below is a video of one of our students practicing for their Student-Led Conference.

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