Thursday, December 15, 2016

My Mother Taught Me How to Cook!

   The holidays are approaching and some of the chefs at Goodrich school, want to share their favorite recipes with you to enjoy this holiday season. 

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Recipes have not been kitchen tested!

 Sprinkle Cookies

      Buy sprinkles, sugar, flour and four eggs.  You will need $12.00.  Put it all in the kitchen.  Put it in a bowl and mix it with a big spoon.  Mix it ten times.  Pour it in a pan.  Put the pan in a very hot oven. Cook it until you can smell them.  If they smell good, take them out of the oven. Put sprinkles on top of the cookies.  Wait for them to get cold and eat them! 

 Chocolate Chip Cookies

     Get some dough at the store.  Roll it out and cut cookies into circles.  Put the cut-out cookies on a flat pan.  It looks like a rectangle with two handles.  Put it in a hot oven and turn it up to 150 degrees and leave it in there for 25 minutes.  If that doesn't work try it for another 25 minutes.  Take them out and decorate them with chocolate chip inside and outside.  Sprinkle white things like snow over the top.  Use cooking pearls to finish decorating them. You will love them! 

 Gingerbread Cookies

     You can't make them.  You don't have an oven in your house (office). Only me and mommy make them.  We have a hot oven.  You want cookies, come eat them at my house. 

 Gingerbread House

     You will need milk, eggs, flour, sugar, and decorations.  Frosting and lots of candies can be used for decorations.  My favorites are M & M’s, peppermint, candy canes and gum drops. Get a box to start building the house.  Put gingerbread crackers together.  Do not use glue only frosting to hold the walls together. Gently put crackers on top to make a roof.  Now it is time for the decorations.  Candy canes can be used for the trees and gum drops go around the windows. Put M & M’s everywhere you want.  Use lots of frosting so they will stay on the house.  When it is decorated the way you want; eat it! 


    Cupcakes are the best.  My mom makes great cupcakes but not good pancakes.  Here is how we make cupcakes.  Get a bowl and mixer.  Break eggs in a bowl.  Actually, butter, baking soda and sprinkles can go in the bowl, too.  Turn on the mixer and mix it together.  Put the batter in whatever it is called for cupcakes.  Cook it for 10 minutes in a 100% hot oven. Wait that might burn, make it a 10% oven.  It beeps when the cupcakes are done and you get to eat really good cupcakes.


     First you need dough which you could make with flour and water. You need more flour than water. Mix the flour and water together.  Then you grab some cheese and potatoes. Smash the potatoes and put the smashed potatoes with the cheese and cook it until it is warm. The smashed potatoes and cheese are cooked together in a pot on the stove.  Then you ‘smoosh’ the dough while the potatoes and cheese are cooking.  Make the dough flat.  Then put the cheese and potatoes on half the dough and grab the other part of the dough and pinch it closed.   Cook that in a pot of boiling water on the stove.  Let it cool off and eat it. 


     Get the good beans.  They are light brown.  Sprinkle the good kind of cheese on the beans.  Spread green sauce on top but not too much if you do not like things too hot.  Mix it all together.  Put it in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Dip corn tortillas in the beans.  It is so good! You will love it.  


    Put a pan of lasagna in the oven and it will taste so good.  You don't have to make anything.  It is made before you put it in the oven!

     You need to buy bread, meat, pickles, and ham at Walmart.  It costs thirty-six hundred dollars. Go in the car to get to your house.  Walk in the house.  Put the hamburger in a bag and put it in the microwave for 34 seconds.  Take put the bag.  Take the hamburger, put it on a bun. Put pickles on top and it.  It is great.

     Buy a big pizza at the pizza place or you cqn buy it at the grocery store.  It is hard to find at the grocery store so look very carefully.  Look for a box that says, "Pizza>"  I can't know what is costs.  Bring it home.  Take it out of the bag and put it in the oven for I have no idea.  Just keep looking at it until it is ready.  when it is too hot, it ios ready. Cut it up and eat it. It you it eat and it is really hot you will burn your tongue.  Be careful cause hot pizza can burn up your whole mouth.  I like pizza!


     Buy sprinkles and chocolate at Walmart.  They cost .25 or $21.00. Cook it at you house not at the store.  In the kitchen you find a stove.  Put chocolate in the refrigerator cause I do not like chocolate that is hot.  It cannot melt in the refrigerator.  Put the sprinkles on the chocolate so it is a cupcake.

 Peanut Butter Cookies

     Get a bowl.  Put two pieces of butter in a bowl.  Put three inches of sugar on the butter.  Mix it together.  Put two jars of peanut butter in and mix it all together.  Make balls with the cookie dough and put them on a pan.  Heat them until they get hot and the balls get flat.  Take them out and eat it. 


   Go to Walmart and buy syrup and yellow butter.  That will cost $3.00.   Go home and get in your kitchen.   You need a thing that makes a noise like this “whrrrrrrr!”    Take a bowl and put flour, three eggs, and 1 cup of water in it.  Stir it around.  Put the bowl into the frying pan and wait three minutes.  The pancakes are ready.  Put them on a plate.  Put a little butter on the top of the pancake in the middle.  Put strawberries around the pancake and syrup on top of the pancake, but wait until the butter melts.  Then you’re done.  It is delicious!  My dad always makes me Happy Face pancakes. They make me feel happy and it tastes so good! 

     We wish our Goodrich families much Peace and Joy this holiday season.  We hope our recipes will find their way to your holiday tables!   

Bon appétit! 
The Master Chefs at Goodrich School

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