Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Can you crack the code?

During the month of November we learned about the Pilgrims’ journey to America. It was not easy for them to spend over two months traveling on a ship. The illnesses and crowded conditions made the journey miserable. Through the articles in our Scholastic News magazine, we read several diary entries written from the perspective of a girl making the journey. She described the conditions, and what it was like to leave one home for a new one.

 After gathering the information, with the help of Mrs. Sayre, we participated in an activity called breakout boxes! We used the knowledge that was acquired during the lessons surrounding the journey to America. The vocabulary that we learned helped us for the first challenge. We needed to work together with our group to unscramble letters in order to make a word that went along with the topic of our learning.

Once we had the idea of what the word could be, we then went to the box and entered the code. If it didn’t work the first time, we needed to get back together in our teams and make any necessary changes.

When the code word did work, the lock on the box would open and inside we found special, sparkly beads. In our first grade class, our behavior reward system uses what we call “brag tags.” Each time a student earns 20 beads, they trade the beads in for a brag tag. The students then get to wear their brag tag for that day. After each group had a chance to open the box and select their beads, all the students wore their brag tag chains for the rest of the day.

This was such a challenging, and FUN way to apply our learning with our teammates!

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