Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lighting up the Classroom with Kindness

In the weeks leading to winter break, I was hoping to add some festivity to our days.  The holidays always remind me of holiday lights and kindness, so we will be brightening our classroom with acts of kindness.  For the next couple weeks, we will highlight our random acts of kindness by making a conscious effort to appreciate the little ways we help each other.  I have cut out a number of light bulbs that students will have opportunities to write out the ways their classmates have brightened their day.  At the end of each day student will be able to give the light bulb to the peer that made their day better in order to acknowledge their kindness.  These kind kindergartners will be able to add their light bulb to our string of lights that we will hang around the classroom.  It will be a fantastic authentic writing opportunity for students, but I am really looking forward to seeing students focus on the acts of kindness this holiday season!  

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