Thursday, October 20, 2016

Making the "Maker-Space" our Own

Upon arriving back at school this year many students marveled at the updated and beautiful LRC Goodrich now proudly owns. Between new technologies, new seating arrangements, and a new shelving organization, there was a lot to take in! 5th grade was lucky enough to get to explore this new "Maker-Space" this week in order to research different aspects of colonization, a topic we have been discussing in social studies.

Upon entering the library, the excitement of sixty-two fifth graders practically echoed.  They were immediately presented with their task; form a team of five or six, choose a colonization topic, and research using the tools of the library.  As soon as they were told “go” the fifth graders impressed us.  Instead of rushing for best friends, students went out of their way to invite others they didn’t always work with or that were searching for a group.  Way to go 5th grade!  

As they chose between a variety of topics - important leaders, trade, Native Americans, etc. - students began to gather the supplies they would need.  Each group was able to use an ipad and chromebook, as well as the variety of tools at their station area.  Some stations used the new glass whiteboards, while others discovered their table actually became a writing space, on lucky group was able to try the chromebook hookup with a TV in order to project their research to their team.

Whiteboard Tables

Glass Whiteboards

Chrome Projection

Each team collected a ton of information which they will be able to continue working with when we return to the library next week. We're looking forward to many more days of using the new library space to its full potential!

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