Friday, October 21, 2016

Character Day!

This year Goodrich School Participated in its first “Character Day.”  Character Day is a day designated to learning about what it means to have good character and how to develop different character traits.  In trying to plan a school wide activity, staff at Goodrich started thinking a little more about what character traits we wanted our students to develop.  In doing this, we came up with a school wide activity that surrounded around doing “Acts of Kindness”. 
Character Day bulletin board

On the morning of Character Day, each class watched the Character Day video titled "The Science of Character".  They then discussed what they saw in the video.  The discussions centered around what character strengths and weaknesses they possessed as well as why good character is so important.  After that, their class went to the Character Day bulletin board where they picked a note out of their assigned envelope.  Each envelope contained a different act of kindness that needed to be completed throughout the day.  They ranged from writing notes to police officers to helping Mr. Ortiz in the lunch room.  We also have students leaving encouraging notes throughout the school (on random lockers, books in the library, and on desks).   

The outcome of this day appeared to be a positive one. Kids and staff were stepping out of their comfort zones to spread kindness to someone else.  It was amazing to see all the positives it spread throughout the school.  It also went along with the growth mindset work that many of our classrooms are focusing on this year; that we can develop new character traits by working on them.  Our hope is that we can do a school wide activity like this again in the spring.  

This quote was taken from the Character Day movie.  

For more information on Character day or to watch the Character Day video visit:

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