Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Second Grade Architects

Second graders recently completed a Real World Math experience in measurement and data. Students were given the task of rescuing an injured bird and building a birdhouse to care for the bird. Rather than constructing birdhouses out of paper, students worked as architects using an App on the iPads called 3D Sketch Studio. This App allowed students the freedom of designing an original birdhouse. Once done they then recorded their measurements and graphed the data based on a survey of shapes used by the class.

To present their knowledge we chose the app Seesaw, which is a digital portfolio. Seesaw is an easy to use tool that empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school. Using Seesaw, students were able to capture their learning with photos and videos of their work.

Other benefits of using Seesaw is that students’ work is organized in one place and is accessible to teachers and parents using an iPad and/or Computer. Student work can also be shared with classmates, parents, or published on a class or school blog like ‘The Goodrich Way.’ Seesaw gives students a real audience for their work and offers parents a personalized window into their child's learning.

Here are some of the students’ presentations:

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