Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Environmental Impact Project

How have humans impacted the environment? That is our essential question in our new integrated reading unit in fifth grade. We are excited to spend the next few weeks exploring this question! In the weeks to come, we are going to be creating a group project that answers this question.

For the project, the students got into groups of four or five and came up with a topic. They were able to choose from Agriculture, Energy, Industrialization, Transportation, the Oceans, the Forests, or the Ecosystems. After choosing their topic, they started to brainstorm how they were going to answer the following questions:
  1. How have humans negatively impacted the environment in your assigned category?
  2. How can humans help the environment in your assigned category? How can we fix any damage we may have caused?

IMG_1145.jpg  IMG_1148.jpg


They are spending time researching these topics and finding facts to answer the essential questions. The group’s next task will be to decide how they want to present their information. They are able to chose from a variety of presentation formats: Mini-Lesson and Quiz, Pamphlet, Poster, Comic Strip or Picture Book, Slideshow Presentation, 3-D Model, or Newscast Presentation. They will work together as a team to create their project.

The last week of school, the students will dress up and present their creations to the entire fifth grade. The students are very excited to have the opportunity to present what they are creating to their peers!

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