Thursday, May 19, 2016

Summer Love

So, what are your plans for the summer? Are you going on vacation? Are you playing baseball? Are you going to visit the park?  Will you go swimming?  Will you spend some time READING?   Summer is the best time of year.  There are so many fun things to enjoy.  One fun thing some students tend to avoid in the summer is reading, especially struggling readers.    Did you know that reading expands your vocabulary, is a great memory booster, and improves your communication skills?  Students that don’t spend time reading lose these skills over the summer.  In order to keep increasing their vocabulary, practice their communication skills it is so important for parents to keep children reading. How do we plan for our kids to spend time reading this summer? We don’t want to make this a tedious task that kids resent.  We want to make this fun just like swimming, baseball, or riding bikes.  Download books on your Kindle,  or IPad  for vacation, the library has E books to check out.  Have a family book club.  Ask questions such as Who is the main character?, What is the setting?,  Does the setting change?, What do you predict will happen next ?,   What character would you choose to be your friend and why?  What part of the story is the most exciting?, Why?  Did you like the end of the story?,  Why or why not? How would you change the ending?  Would you recommend this story to any of your friends?  Can you make any connections to the stories?  Have you experienced  anything similar to the characters?  
When reading Non fiction books ask questions such as What do you think you will learn from this book?  What do you already know about this topic?  What was the author’s purpose in writing this text?  Do you have any questions after reading this text?   Were there any unknown words in the book?  Did you use the glossary to help you find the meaning of the words?  What other text features used?  Do you want to find out more information?    At around 4th grade studies have shown that children start to lose their love of reading.  Reading aloud to older children is a great way to share the love of books.  The public library can suggest books at every grade level.  The best part is it’s FREE!

The Woodridge Public Library will be kicking off their summer reading program On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!  Check out details at
Miss Sherry the children’s librarian will be coming to visit Goodrich on May 31st to give us the details of the program and all of the incentives the program will provide.  

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