Tuesday, February 23, 2016

President's Day

Last week, first grade celebrated two major presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln! Throughout the week, first grade did activities that revolved around these two president’s major accomplishments.

George Washington was our main focus in the beginning of the week. We talked about how he was our first president and how he set a high precedent for all the other presidents to come! After watching clips and playing small games where we learned facts about our Country's first leader, we did a writing piece. For this writing piece we wrote down major facts we learned about him. After completing our writing, we got to make a craft of him to hang around our classroom!

Later in the week we started to discuss Abraham Lincoln. Like George Washington, Abe Lincoln set high standards for future presidents. We discussed how Abe Lincoln simply could never tell a lie, hence why he received his nickname “Honest Abe”. We also talked about how our country fought in a Civil War. The Civil War was a battle between the North and South of the United States. We discussed how Abe did not want our country to split into two separate areas. After the North won the war, Abe Lincoln abolished slavery, which we learned means that he banned it from our country. Since Abe Lincoln had such a major role in our history, we learned how there is a monument of him in Washington DC. We now know what a monument is, and we even got to come up with our own monument we would make for Abe Lincoln!

We had a fun week learning about presidents, and major turning points our country had when both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were in office!

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