Monday, February 22, 2016

Make Sale Preparations

For the past several weeks the Goodrich fourth graders have been working on a compassion project with Mrs. Sayre. After learning about what it means to be compassionate and researching different charities, it was time to start creating items for our Make Sale. 

Instead of raising money for our chosen charities by selling store bought items, we are creating items to sell to other students. First, the fourth graders brainstormed ideas of things that they could make that they thought other students would be interested in buying. Then during the next compassion period, they got right to work with materials we had here at school and other materials they brought from home.

It has been truly amazing to sit back and watch what my students have chosen to make. It has been a great opportunity to see them be completely creative and in a different, nonacademic light that I do not always get to see. Even more than that, it has been incredible to watch my students teach each other how to make different items and include one another in the making of various items.

Here are some of the items students have created for the Make Sale.

Our next steps will be for students to price the items that they have created based on the cost of production and decide ways to advertise for their Make Sale. Be on the look out for more information about our Make Sale in the coming weeks! 

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