Friday, October 16, 2015

Hard Work Pays Off!

As we are coming to the end of our personal narrative unit in writing, the fifth graders are putting the finishing touches on their final pieces.  We have spent the past six week developing small moment stories.  Some of these small moment stories zoom in on the most important, most meaningful moments in our students’ lives.  Others may be a seemingly unimportant moment that can turn into an impactful story.  Whichever it may be, the fifth graders have used strategies and tools to make their writing as powerful as can be.  These stories are worth sharing, and that is exactly what we did!

Throughout this unit, we emphasized the importance of writing for a purpose.  The students knew that they were going to have to commit to one story and take it through the publication process.  The last few weeks have been spent conferencing, sharing, and revising stories.  This past week we had the opportunity to celebrate and share our stories with our first grade buddies.

The students were very excited to share their hard work with one of their biggest fans, their buddy!  

This culminating project had multiple benefits.  Not only did it give the fifth graders an authentic audience, but it also gave first graders a glimpse into their future as a writer.

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