Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Did You Know That October is Fire Safety Month?

Each October, we make it a point to cover fire safety tips and ideas with our first grade classes. There is usually a Scholastic News article that we use to build background knowledge on the topic. This year, we started with an activity called Jot Thoughts. Each person in our group jotted down ideas about what they already knew about firefighters.

Then we read our Scholastic News article and had a discussion about firefighters, and fire safety! We reminded our students that this is a great time to talk to their family about checking their smoke detectors, and making a fire escape plan at home.

We didn’t stop there! We ended with a craft-ivity where we made a firefighter and wrote character traits about firefighters.

Practice makes perfect! We even had a surprise fire drill that was observed by the fire department. We had the opportunity to practice what we had learned, and see some firefighters that work in our community! Thank you firefighters for all that you do for us, and rest assured that our First graders know what to do if there is ever a fire!

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