Friday, October 9, 2015

Ready, Set, Guided Math

A number of teachers at Goodrich have decided to start using guided math groups as a part of their math instruction and this week our class decided to join the party. Guided math allows for students to not only take on a huge responsibility for their own learning, but it also allows me to give students the specific instruction that they need. Every student is different and guided math allows me to meet my students where they are in math and help push them to the next level.

In our classroom, guided math has four stations. We have a teacher station, a hands-on station, an independent station, and a technology station. Many students loved the hands-on station this week. Students at this station were working in pairs (or groups of 3) on division with two different games. Overall, the feedback from students was very positive about learning math in this way. This week I was able to see my students grow in their independence in math and also in their division abilities.

We are all excited to continue using guided math this year!  

Students working at the technology station on to practice their math facts.

Students working independently on division word problems.

Students working at the hands-on station playing big bat bump.

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