Friday, August 28, 2015

Express Yourself!

I have spent the summer anticipating the start of this year and am glad it has finally arrived! The students have started, from day one, entering the building with smiles on their faces and with a great deal of energy. Our challenge is to put those happy faces and energy to good use.

What I love about the first three days of the year is having the opportunity to get to know the student's personalities right away. One way we do that in the music room is to play a game called "Ha!" While it sounds like a lot of laughs from the title, you are actually not supposed to laugh throughout the game. Students, one at a time, walk around the inside of the circle and stop in front of any classmate. The object of the game is to say the word, "ha," in a silly voice to try and make that person laugh. I have really enjoyed watching the students come up with creative and goofy ways to get others in their class to laugh. It is really difficult not to break into laughter myself! Here are few photos of some of our fifth graders playing, "Ha!"

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