Monday, August 31, 2015

The Key to Being a Good Friend

As part of our Significant 72 activities, second graders read  How to Lose All Your Friends by Nancy Carlson. The book outlined six steps on how to lose friends: 
1)    Never smile
2)    Never share
3)    Be a bully
4)    Be a poor sport
5)    Tattle
6)    Whine!

Students found the humor in the story and agreed that they all want to WIN friends and not LOSE them!

Using the Kagan Strategy of Rally Partner, we brainstormed what everyone needs and wants in a friend. Students then wrote what is important to them on a key for our class as a reminder of how to be a good friend.

Here are some of the things students wrote as the KEY to being a GOOD FRIEND:  
  • Good friends listen to each other.
  • Good friends are cheerful.
  • Good friends try to understand each other's feelings and moods.
  • Good friends help each other solve problems.
  • Good friends give each other compliments.
  • Good friends can disagree without hurting each other.
  • Good friends respect each other.
  • Good friends tell the truth.
  • Good friends play fair.

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