Thursday, June 4, 2015

Reading + Twitter = So Much Fun!

Our school has been participating in district Twitter Chats this year.  The twitter book chats are when the teacher reads a book to the class, and then we go on to twitter to respond to some questions about the book that we just read!  In every class, everybody gets to participate in these chats.

This year, we have read the books, Gaston , Boy+Bot, and How they Croaked.

I think my favorite is…I  don’t think I have a favorite! But, if I had to choose, by the slightest bit, I think the book, Gaston.
I really liked this book, because it shows how it does not matter how you look. All that matters it that your family loves you, and that you love them!  

In my opinion, the purpose of these chats are to find a deeper meaning of the book, not to just read them and say, “Oh, now I take a quiz!” To me, it’s really fun to find the deeper meaning, and I love the books we read!!!

To develop answers for these questions, the teacher would  ask a question, and we all would have whiteboards and we would write our responses on them. We would then share it to our teams using a round-robin Kagan Structure. Next,  one person from the team would share it to the class. That would go on until every person in the team had shared. We would then all combine the answers into one BIG response!

I would LOVE to do the Twitter Chats next year, because they are so fun! I love finding the deeper meaning to the story, and the questions are SO fun to answer!!!!!!
Mrs. Counihan makes the Twitter Chat questions for the books, and  I love these questions because you really have to think about the book to answer the questions!


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