Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Non-fiction is real!

In second grade we are learning about non-fiction text features. We have learned that non-fiction texts give us REAL information! First we studied non-fiction texts in Spanish and we looked at all of the different types of non-fiction texts. This week we have been studying non-fiction in English.

We made text features booklets. In our booklet we had to find examples of many different text features. One thing I learned is that a label is a word that tells about a picture and a caption is a sentence that tells about a picture. I never knew there was a difference!

We used Scholastic News articles to complete our booklet. Some other examples in our booklet are photographs, glossary, and index. 

My favorite non-fiction book is about bats. I like it because of the real photographs, the fun facts, and the diagram that shows how a bat drinks water. What is your favorite non-fiction book? Is it a bats book? A firefighter book? A healthy book? Or a  panda book?

By: Alery

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