Monday, June 8, 2015

Reflecting on our Goals

As the end of year quickly approaches my 6th graders are looking towards the future.  During our last social work session I surprised them with the goals that they wrote back in September.  Just to backtrack a little, the students wrote non-academic goals that they wanted to achieve by the end their time here at Goodrich.  I then kept them during the year in a safe place.  Some examples of goals were being able to control their anger better, make new friends, and get better at finishing work by the time it was due.  Some of them had set very high expectations for themselves that they didn’t think they could reach. 

As we read through these goals, many of them realized that, although they forgot they wrote them, they had worked on these skills.  When we read though what they had written it was clear that all of them had either made their goal or made solid progress on it!  During a time of the year where all you are looking forward to is summer, it was a good reminder that they had been successful this year.  The school year can seem so long and many times students have setbacks which make them feel like they have made little to no progress.  However, sometimes all we need to do is some reflection to realize that nothing changes overnight. 

My hope is that this lesson teaches students that goal setting is so important, but reflecting on our goals equally important.  I am very proud of all they have accomplished and wish them the best of luck at Jefferson!

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