Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cinderella Around the World

Here in Mrs. White's class we have been researching different parts of the world from our fairy tales.

The first thing we did was we all read a Cinderella fairy tale adaptation in groups. Each Cinderella adaptation took place in a different part of the world. After reading we did research to learn more about that country. Learning more about the country helped us understand the Cinderella story better.

For our research we got out our chromes and went to an app that we can use to help get our information. We recorded that research on a piece of paper that asked us questions about our country.

After we got our research done we answered the question "How does location influence a story?" I learned that location influences a story by changing what characters wear, what they eat, and what they do.

Finally, we got out our chromes again and created a google presentation about what we learned about our country.  

After we put our research on our presentation we added pictures.  The pictures represent what we wrote.

This week we are going to share our presentation with other classmates.

Below is a link to see my presentation:

Hailey's Presentation

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