Monday, June 1, 2015


The end of the year… so much to do and time seems to go so fast!  Field Trips, finishing up units, projects, tests, finalizing grades, entering fitness scores, and just the general reflection on another great school year.  For me, one of the highest points of the school year is a day where I get to take the entire school outside for 2 hours of physical activity, cooperative games, teambuilding, and just plain FUNFIELD DAY!

Since I began teaching at Goodrich and ran my first Field Day, I now look everywhere for games or ways I can turn a fun idea into a game.  With the help of my wonderful mother, many of my ideas are turned into a reality!  Fortunately, my husband understands (and I assume loves…) my passion for my job and doesn’t say a word when I show up with things from the Dollar Tree, Home Depot, and Wal Mart, which continue to fill our garage and attic.

Why do I do this?  What is the point of Field Day?

#1 – the students!  They have so much fun and even at the very beginning of the school year I have students talking to me when the next Field Day is, what their favorite game was, if they can be a helper, etc.  Plus, seeing the excitement on their faces that day is totally worth all my planning and preparation.

#2 – it involves everyone!  The students, the entire school staff, and the parents/grandparents.  Creating an environment that gives everyone in our school community a chance to work together is a really cool to see.

#3 – physical education!  2 hours of physical activity, 2 hours of cooperative games, 2 hours of teamwork, and of course I have to throw in a little bit of competition. :)

None of this would be possible without my WONDERFUL Goodrich parents who volunteer their time and energy to help run all my game stations. 

I cannot wait for this year’s Field Day!  See you on Friday!

Here is a sneak peak of some of the things that will be seen at this year’s Field Day!

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