Monday, May 18, 2015

Good-bye Goodrich School

Saying good-bye is hard. As we go through our last month at Goodrich we think about all of the memories from this past school year.
For the first time 6th graders got to experience Genius Hour. We were introduced to it in the fall, and were able to go through three nine week rounds. During the last week of school we will be introducing Genius Hour and our projects to the whole school. Genius Hour has helped us understand and explore our passions.
Kindergarten Buddies has given us the opportunity to teach and guide students younger than us. We have connected with the kindergartners by having fun, while helping them learn. On May 22, the sixth graders and the kindergartners will be going to the Brookfield Zoo together. We have all been learning about the animals and their habitats that we will be seeing that day. Sixth graders will be responsible for their kindergarten buddy all day while having fun at the zoo.
D.A.R.E is a program to teach kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. It also teaches us how to get out of bad situations. Sixth grade is the year D.A.R.E is taught with a graduation at the end. This year D.A.R.E graduation will be held on May 28th. We all wrote essays about everything we learned during D.A.R.E and how it will benefit us now and in the future.
    Sixth graders get to experience many things that kids in the younger grades do not. Some examples, chorus, Symphony/ Art Institute Field Trips, and the Jefferson Junior High Tour. We are very sad to be leaving Goodrich School but also very excited about our new adventures at the junior high. We have learned so much from the teachers and staff here that will help us throughout life.

We will miss Goodrich School and always have the good memories we have made here!
Ian and Jalen

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