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3rd Grade’s Field Trip to the Science and Industry Museum

3rd Grade’s Field Trip to the Science and Industry Museum

On Tuesday, May 12th, 3rd Graders went to the Museum of Science and Industry to soak up some hands-on science action.  We packed our brown bag lunches, put on our happy faces and boarded the buses.  After a quick head count and one last run to the classroom to grab coats, we were off!  Enthusiastic chatter filled the bus ride.  As the kids got closer to the city, you could hear the excitement in their voices as they noticed the Willis Tower and our beautiful Chicago skyline.  They instantly started to share trivia and ask questions about Chicago.  “Did you know that the Willis Tower was called Sears Tower?”, “Did you know that Chicago burned down because of a cow!!??” (Picture a face with pure astonishment and wide eyes) “Mrs. Litwiller, when did Illinois become part of the United States?”  (By the way, it was 1818.)  This simple, mundane bus ride to the museum generated incredible conversations among the children.  Imagine what kinds of conversations were to be had and questions to be asked when they arrived at the largest museum in the Western Hemisphere filled with awesome hand-on and interactive exhibits…

Field trips not only create enjoyable and memorable experiences for our students, but it provides an opportunity for a shared learning experience between children.   What’s more amazing is that every child will participate with different learning styles, even at the same exhibit.  Imagine the connections that will be brought to light through every child’s eyes with different understandings of a topic.   Children are exposed to a variety of quality science topics that are supported by professional communities.  They may discover an interest in a new concept without previously being introduced.  Children will be confident and recall from their discoveries to make connections to current learning.  An unexpected encounter can expand their interests and paths.  Listed below are a few examples of our student’s learning from their authentic experiences from the Museum of Science and Industry.  Their excitement was infectious and heartwarming, and many of them said they wanted their parents to bring them back so they had more time to experience everything at the museum had to offer. 

     Please consider visiting museums over the summer.  Here is a wonderful website that can help you find museums near and far, all with unique topics of interest and exciting events.

Illinois Association of Museums

For additional information on the importance of field trips and quality learning experiences, please read this article:

Field Trips are Valuable Learning Experiences

"The submarine was cool.  The top looked like an aircraft carrier, but smaller.  The beds were really small.  Each person had their own little room.  I think you would be cramped after a while!" - Alex 

"I had to sit on the arm railing of the tractor at the Farm Tech exhibit.  We learned about a tractor that picked up the corn and peeled off the skin.  They they put it in storage." - Emanuella  

"I was explaining how to clone things.  First, you need DNA, then you use a cloning machine, put it all in there, then, "BOOM!!"  You get any animal you want to create.  Even a dinosaur!!!" - Will

"We were making different colors." - Aaron

"I had an idea about one switch in the middle, one on top and one at the bottom.  I wondered what the colors would look like." - Will

"The chicks were coming at me.  When I tapped on the glass, they ran up to look at me.  They were black and fuzzy.  We got to see eggs and baby chicks being born." - Kaylee    

"I noticed that the train went in a circle, so we timed the photo so the train would be over our heads!" - Aaron

"This game was called "Mind Control" and you had to relax.  When you relax, the ball will roll into the other person's goal.  It was amazing!" - Alex 

"I was looking at tornadoes.  I was touching the smoke from them.  I made my hands feel sweaty.  It felt really cool and hot."  - Kaylee

We were SOOOOOO tired at the end of our adventure.  :)

For additional information on the importance of field trips and quality learning experiences, please read this article:

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