Wednesday, April 15, 2015

We Can Change the World through Persuasive Writing

Our final writing unit in Kindergarten is persuasive or opinion writing.  Our goal is to encourage kindergarteners to use their opinions and persuasive pieces to change the world.  As we were discussing the topic, we started to think of problems in the world.  The problem the class felt passionate about was littering.  The excitement was contagious! 

We listed why littering is a problem.  The top few reasons the students came up with were that plants and animals could be hurt and the world would not be as beautiful.  Next, we started brainstorming ways we could help to solve the problem.  We started with the obvious.  Throw your trash in the garbage can, but it developed into recycling and reusing items to planning park clean ups. 

 I told the class that we had some amazing ideas during our discussion, but I asked how we could get other people to believe that it was important.  As kindergarteners, we first suggested, “Let’s ask Mr. Scaletta to tell everyone!” When I told them they should try to do it on their own, they told me we could make teams of students to clean up around the school.  I asked how we would get people and they told me we could make posters.  We jumped up and began with our posters.  Here are some of the works in progress:

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