Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fostering a Love of Music Through Recorder Karate

Since January, students in fifth grade have been pursuing an instrument program entitled "Recorder Karate." This program teaches a wide variety of musical skills and vocabulary all while learning to play the soprano recorder.

Each song targets new skills necessary to enhance their recorder and musical proficiency level. Students are able to navigate through each song at their own pace and earn belts and beads each time they perform a song for me. This is the number one thing that I love about this program! If a student masters skills at a quicker pace they are able to move to the next song, which keeps them engaged in the learning. Students who take more time to internalize the skills can take their time and practice until they feel ready to play for me. Recorder Karate is a differentiated program that allows students the opportunity to advance by their individual abilities.

Many fifth graders have asked me if we can continue the program until the end of the year because they like it so much. While we have other units to get through, I have worked out a deal with them to continue to earn their beads in the morning before school. How about that? Students liking school so much, they want to do more before the bell rings! I consider that a personal win!

I am so grateful to Plank Road Publishing for creating this program and helping me to cultivate a true love of music in these children.

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