Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Into a New Friendship

The Spring season always presents interesting weather conditions. In First Grade we have been learning about the changes in weather and what we can experience this time of year. We took a time-out from the Science aspect of this topic, and decided to focus on our classmates. We made rainbow strips with kind words about each member of our table. We all took turns going around and saying one nice compliment and characteristic about someone at our table. It really made each of us feel good to hear the compliments and to write them down. It also helped us practice using adjectives in our writing!

Here are some comments I heard my students say about this activity:

Zachary: “I like telling my friends how kind they are to me!”
Kenya: “I felt good when someone told me I was funny!”
Asina: “We should always say these nice things to each other.”

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