Friday, April 17, 2015

Guided Math!

I am so excited to announce that this week the 2nd grade teachers have begun to initiate guided math groups during math time each day. During guided math, students are assigned to 1 of 4 groups, based on the unit pre-assessment. Each group then spends 10-15 minutes at each of the four centers in the classroom. Two of the centers are teacher led while the other two are either group activities or independent work. Each day we focus on only one math skill at the teacher led centers and students get a chance to practice that skill by themselves at one of the independent work centers. At teacher centers, instruction for the skill of the day is tailored specifically to that group’s needs, learning style and ability level. And at the independent/group centers, students are encouraged to use their group members as a support system when working on the newly taught skill. It has truly been an outstanding week with many students not only learning math but enjoying it as well!

Here is what a few of the 2nd graders had to say about guided math…

I like math centers because, they help you learn math. It’s fun and exciting and it has fun activities. And you also get to work with two teachers. And you get to do things with shapes and other things that involve shapes too.

During math we did math centers all week. There are four stations and after we did the first station we rotated and went to station number 2. And after we did the second table we rotated to the third station. After we did table three we rotated to table four and the teacher rung the chimes and we went back to our seats. With the teacher we learned cubes, squares, rectangles, spheres, pyramids and hexagons. I really love math centers!

Teacher Led Group Having Fun with Whiteboards

IXL Station on the Computers

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