Friday, March 13, 2015

Writing for a Meaningful Audience

A memoir is a personal story that teaches you a lesson. We as a 5th grade have been working on writing memoirs the entire 3rd quarter. We worked on this genre of writing so that when we write we have another style of writing to choose from.

Once we have finished writing our personal memoir, we are turning it into a six word memoir. You are probably wondering what a six word memoir is... A six word memoir is finding the words that best describe your memoir or tell your story. Once we have created a six word memoir, we need to find around 20 pictures that best go with our memoir.  We want to try real hard to get those pictures right, because that is the first impression you are giving your reader. Then, we are taking those words and pictures to create a movie trailer using iMovie on the iPads (unless you just want words as your movie trailer, talk about boring). We will be connecting to a bigger audience by submitting our 6 word memoir on our classroom blog on Kid Blogger, and using twitter #6wordmemoir. We all have enjoyed it, a lot!
Written by: Kyle

5th Grade from Nicole Counihan on Vimeo.
Kyle #6word from Nicole Counihan on Vimeo.

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