Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Human Heart - Such an Adventure!

Mrs. Weber set up an adventure course that was about the heart.  We were the red blood cells that were running though the body. It was harder than it seemed because we first got onto the scooters and scooted through two tunnels and around six blue hopes which represented the right side of the heart. After that we had to go through one more archway which led us to the pulmonary artery (this was a blue rope that we pulled ourselves across).  After that, we dropped off our Carbon Dioxide (blue dodge ball) and grabbed some Oxygen (red dodge ball) on the way to the lungs.  Once we went through the left side of the heart we got to decide whether we wanted to go to the brain or to the rest body. If you went through the body you would run around the gym and if you went through the brain you do you had to draw a math fact card and an exercise card to do. After you went through the whole course you would just repeat it over and over again.

Mrs. Weber wanted us to learn about the human heart and about health conditions. We had a special Heart test that included a heart diagram and questions about the heart and blood. Throughout the week we learned about the heart, plus we got time to study for the test and then the next gym class we found out our test results!

Our favorite part of the adventure course was that we acted as the red blood cells that got to carry oxygen and carbon dioxide through the heart and the rest of the body.  The course was amazing because it was based off of the heart so we got to see how the heart works and pumps blood throughout our entire body! 

By: Georgia, Abby, & Riley

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