Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Learning About the Solar System

We are learning about the Solar System in class. We used our nonfiction resources to get information. We each put the information we found on a chart to keep it organized. We were helping each other to find information we did not have on our charts by bringing in books, sharing our answers with the class, and telling classmates where to find the information.

Another way we found our information was by using the Chromebooks in our classroom to go to websites that Mrs. White gave us to find the research we could not find. Also, we used the planet articles Mrs. White passed out to us throughout the time we were working on it.

For each of the planets we had to find how many miles it is from the sun, how long it takes to orbit around the sun, the size, temperature, and the color, how many moons it has, and an amazing fact about that planet. We shared some of the information together as a class.

We used our valuable time to do this research and it was worth it to have all it recorded on one big sheet that you can look back to, refer to, and admire because we used the precious time to work on it.

An activity we did with the planets afterwards was four corners. The corners were Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, and Saturn.  Mrs. White asked us “what planet would you most want to visit?” Then we talked with a classmate in the same corner and we told them why we wanted to visit that planet. Most people went to Mars because some scientists believe that there could be life on Mars. There were three people at Saturn and they wanted to visit Saturn because they wanted to see the rings. One person wanted to visit Jupiter to see the Great Red Spot.

I enjoyed using websites and other resources to learn interesting facts about the Solar System. This was a good thing to do to learn about the Solar System because we might be able to memorize some of these things that we might need in the future. 

By: Chase 


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