Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Strong Brains vs. Weak Brains

This week in room 102, we have been learning all about our brains and how they grow. Here is what we have learned so far.

In our brain is a hippocampus, cerebrum, cerebellum and amygdala. These are parts of your brain. The cerebellum is in the back of your brain and it makes it so you can exercise and move. The cerebrum helps you speak. The hippocampus keeps your memories. The amygdala makes your feelings.

I also learned about neurons. The neurons talk to each other. They send messages to the body so it can move and learn. When you were a baby you only had a few neurons and when you get older you’ll get more by trying hard and fixing mistakes.

In the world, there are strong brains and weak brains. If you give up you won’t have a strong brain. A strong brain says “this may take some time and effort” and “what am I missing.” We learned about neurons. We watched a video and read a book about neurons. We learned that we have thousands of neurons in our brain. Neurons send messages to other neurons because they are electric. If you keep trying when something is hard you grow neurons. In the end, don’t have a weak brain and give up because then you won’t have any neurons. Having a strong brain isn’t too hard. You just need to think about it.

This is a bulletin board we created to teach younger students how to have a strong brain!

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