Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How Are You Smart?

Everyone is talented in their own way. Some people’s brains work better with numbers while others work in words. Last week, Mrs.Schneider introduced the 6th graders to Gardner’s “Eight Multiple Intelligences”. We learned that people can be intelligent in nature, math, words, art, body, people and/or self. The eight intelligences include Naturalist, Mathematical/Logical, Verbal/Linguistic, Musical/Rhythmic, Visual/Spatial, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal.

We took a self-survey that would tell us which category of intelligence was our strongest. The survey helped our class show their individual talents and strengths. We had to determine our 1st and 2nd strongest areas. This would help us know how we best learn.

After that, we got a packet that defines the personalities or characteristics of the “Eight Multiple Intelligences”.  For example, how people who are nature smart are normally good at classifying and sorting. We also learned that some people are interpersonal which means they are people smart and learn best by interacting with other people. If you’re like me, you’re intrapersonal and need to be on your own to really process ideas and information.

Next, we classified careers into the eight intelligences. We had to go around our table and each of us gave an example of a career and the best intelligences to fit that career. Mrs.Schneider had us do this so we could get an idea on a career that fit our natural strengths so we would feel comfortable for our mindset.

I personally liked the project because it gave us an example of careers and it helped us truly understand the “Eight Multiple Intelligences”. It was also to help us pick a career that would fit our type of mindset and thinking.

The “Multiple Intelligences” taught us a lot about ourselves. We learned that - even if someone learns differently than you, they are still smart. You can be smart in many different ways!

-Jessica and Arielle

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