Wednesday, January 28, 2015


For the basketball unit we did a lot of dribbling exercises and we did a lot of passing with a partner. We learned the chest pass and the bounce pass. In the bounce pass you put the basketball up to your chest with elbows out and throw to your partner without it touching the ground. For the bounce pass we did the same thing as the chest pass, except it bounces in the middle of you and your partner, in kind of a v-shape.

I think the basketball unit is important because you use a lot of hand-eye coordination.  You use your hands to shoot, pass or dribble and you use your eyes to make sure it goes to its target. Also, basketball takes a lot of teamwork and that’s important. You use teamwork in almost everything in your life.

I enjoyed that we got to play a lot of games while practicing our basketball skills. I also enjoyed that we got to do a lot of group exercises. One group exercise I liked the most was Zigzag Dribbling.  We were put into different groups around the gym and we each had a basketball. Then, the first person in group one would dribble across the gym to group 2 and stand at the end of the line and wait their turn. Then the first person in group two would go to the end of the line in group three, and so on.  


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