Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Opinion Writing

Opinion Writing

In writing we are doing opinion writing. An opinion is what you think about someone or something. Before we started our opinion writing we worked on the difference between a fact and an opinion.   When it came to writing our idea we started out with a graphic organizer.  The graphic organizer helped plan our ideas before we started writing.  Using a graphic organizer helps making sure we are able to have order to our writing.  

We started with ideas like longer recess and if we were a super hero who would we be.  Some of the class wrote that we need longer recess but I said we had the correct amount of time.  For our longer writing assignment I wrote about boy scouts. Using my graphic organizer I wrote facts, feelings and opinions why Boy Scouts are so much fun. During the assignment I did make some mistakes though. My mistake was that I was excited about writing about Boy Scouts I filled out my organizer a little backwards.  I had to switch things around on my organizer before I wrote the paper.

I like writing because its easier for people to understand what I'm talking about.  This lesson let me share my opinions so people can better understand me.

By James


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